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President's Report

Our Chapter’s Building Blocks Continue

As you well know when our new Chapter’s Board Members were on board we instituted – “Do More with More” by providing the opportunity to have more CMAA chapter members getting involved in our expanded Chapter Committees. On a very positive note our local economy has picked up and we are all very busy. That is why it is even more imperative that we do not lose our Chapter’s momentum and need to engage more of our members with their participation and creative ideas on our active committees.

 Our On-going Crisis

We keep hearing it across the board – from our Public and Private Agency Clients to our numerous Professional Societies and respective company recruiters - the critical shortage of Middle Managers. There are many in our professional ranks at have already reached the retirement age or are just a few years away. However, the 10 to 20 year experience professionals are just not there to take over. As I stated before in during my Chapter Evening Event Introductions – it is Everyone’s Moral Obligation to Mentor our Upcoming Younger Generation.  Their Opportunity is out there and we all need to help them Seize the Moment.  As you well know our chapter continues to increase the number and respective dollar amounts of college scholarships that is presented at our Annual June Awards & Scholarship Banquet – preparing them to be able to graduate and enter our professional.  But more must be done to the ones already in our workforce. We continue to successfully host numerous Young Professionals Get-togethers during the course of the year and now will launch a Mentoring Program within our chapter as well. Again we all need to step up and help out.

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Calendar of Events

May 4 - 6 Capital Projects Symposium


April Event - New Jersey Turnpike Authority's $1/2 Billion Facilities Improvement Program

Tuesday, April 15th 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

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SAVE THE DATE! 21st Annual Awards Banquet ♦ Friday, June 13th?


Chapter Events Recap



Boston, MA April 29-May 1
Phoenix, AZ May 15-17
Pasadena, CA June 25-27
Fairfax, VA July 9-11
Honolulu, HI August 11-13
Dallas, TX September 10-12
Portland, OR September 24-26
San Francisco, CA October 16-18
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